Need to accept election results

For a democracy to function there must be two requirements. First, political parties must be willing to compromise. Second, people must be willing to accept results that are not always in favor with their own desired results. I brought up a fact to a young man that Hillary Clinton won the popular citizenry vote against Donald Trump, though she lost the election because of the electoral college vote being in favor of Donald Trump. He replied that she won the popular vote because of the number of Democrats in California, which is a true statement. I asked him that if there were more Republicans in California than Democrats would that make it acceptable? Point being one vote is equal to any other vote, no matter the state, and the outcome must be accepted if not what one desires.

The statement by Donald Trump that the only results he will accept in the coming election is if he wins is literally insane. I know he learned this philosophy — never admit defeat — from the attorney Roy Cohn, who was amoral. (That is part of the reason he was disbarred by the state of New York.) But for a former president to make such a dictatorship-type statement, it is no surprise why his former vice president, Mike Pence, and former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan both refuse to endorse his candidacy. Both men have stated they cannot endorse such a man for his lack of morals.

Compromise and accepting results that are not what is desired is how a democracy functions and sustains through time. Let us not forget this for the sake of the country and America’s future.


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