Disappointed by March for Life photo placement

Bouquets and Barbs


From Mary Calo, Kingsford:

I must say I was stunned when I saw the placement of the photo from the March for Life last Sunday, relegated to the last page of the Sports section in Tuesday’s Daily News. I don’t read the Sports section, so it took my husband to tell me where the photo was.

I expected to see the picture in a prominent place in Monday’s paper, because that march was a big deal. The weather was frigid and the sidewalks where the marchers walked were in terrible condition, with lots of snow and ice. How often do 150 Dickinson County residents come out to support a cause that they feel passionate about?

Shouldn’t this picture be placed either on the cover or Page 2 or 3 in the A section of our Daily News? How is it decided by the newspaper where pictures are placed?

Somebody blew it. It is shameful, how this special event was treated.

I think the picture should be re-run in the main section of the paper for all the people who missed seeing it. That would somewhat rectify this insult.

Come on, Daily News — don’t do this injustice again to devoted supporters of a cause that is so important to them. The March for Life is not a sport. Give it the respect — and prominent coverage — it so richly deserves.

EDITOR’S NOTE: For anyone else who might have missed it, the five-column photo from Sunday’s March For Life in Iron Mountain appeared on Area News page 6-B of Tuesday’s Daily News.