Grateful to have local hospital for birth in bad weather

Bouquets & Barbs


From Erin Leaf of Niagara, Wis.:

On Jan. 23, we had truly terrible winter weather between Dickinson County and Green Bay, Wis. My husband spent an extra hour on the drive to the airport. While he was driving, I was holding our brand-new son, safe and warm, with the wonderful staff at Dickinson County Healthcare System family birthing center meeting our every need.

I often thank God for our committed doctors and nurses, but today I said a special thanks for our Dickinson County Memorial Hospital. Without it, I might have had my baby in the car on the way to Green Bay in extreme winter conditions. I’m thankful for every life saved and many pains spared because of our caring hospital’s nurses and doctors. And can I just say, the food there is great. I love our hospital!

Impressed by turnout in cold for Walk for Life


From Betty Glanville of Kingsford:

Kudos to all 149 people who “walked for life” Sunday, Jan. 20, in the bitter cold.

I was so impressed by the number of young people who participated. They are our future.

God bless each and every one of you.