In the midst of grief, disrespect

Bouquets and Barbs


From George Wiedenhoeft, Iron Mountain, and the family of Travis Wiedenhoeft:

To the woman stopped at the corner of Carpenter Avenue and H Street on Monday while our four-vehicle funeral procession was turning towards the cemetery, I have a few things I would like to know.

Was the extra minute you had to wait for us to finish our turn so disrupting to you that you felt justified in making rude and angry hand gestures to us?

Was your anger so great that you felt compelled to pass our funeral procession on the left side at a high rate of speed?

Do you not know the law — and common decency — that one should show toward a funeral procession?

I want you to know that we were about to say a final goodbye to our only son, who died way too young.

Your completely obnoxious behavior to those of us in the midst of our worst grief is unconscionable and the disrespect you demonstrated to our son is unforgivable.

Appreciated help with shoveling — plus goodies


From Sherry Drum, Quinnesec:

The first huge snowstorm –a problem for everyone, especially for (us) older residents.

Thankfully a neighbor plowed my driveway. However, I found out there remained 6 to 8 feet of snow in front of the garage doors. This isn’t usually my department. I was on my own for this one, so I started to shovel the snow in front of one garage door. I soon found out this was an astronomical undertaking for me.

After several minutes, my papergirl’s father dropped off the paper. To my surprise, he came back a few minutes later and proceeded to shovel in front of both garage doors, PLUS the sidewalk and deck to the front door.

Never in a million years did I think someone, a stranger, would come to my rescue. What a relief — it would have taken me hours or even days.

I thanked him and gave him a jar of homemade raspberry jam — it was the least I could do, on the spur of the moment, as he wouldn’t accept money. I also owed a thank-you to his wife as she finished delivering the newspapers and then waited for him to finish shoveling.

But my story didn’t end there. A few days later, I left some more jam for the papergirl and her family. Then, a second surprise: a bag of Christmas goodies was waiting at my doorstep.

A surprise just short of “a miracle.” A great, big thank you to Alaina and her family.

DCHS, hospital offer care, service close to home


From Les Brown, Norway:

I am writing because there seems to be some confusion regarding Dickinson County Healthcare System’s ability to perform lung function tests.

There is no reason to travel to Green Bay for this or most other respiratory tests. The results are sent to a pulmonologist employed at Dickinson County Memorial Hospital.

Due to recent health issues, I have used the emergency room, radiology lab and respiratory. The service they provide has been comparable, if not better, than the larger hospitals that have treated me.

I am thankful we have such a fine facility in our community and encourage everyone to take advantage of the services they offer.


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