Shop with a Cop again a success, thanks to donors

Bouquets and Barbs

Bouquet: I would like to say thank you to the 67 businesses and individuals that contributed to Shop with a Cop. Your donations led to another very successful year serving over 36 children in our area. We appreciate this overwhelming support in light of the difficult economic times.

This year, we again partnered with St. Vincent de Paul and provided 35 gifts for children in their Giving Tree program. Each child was asked to use a share of their Shop with a Cop money to purchase a gift for a giving tree child. We hope to encourage the same type of giving as we have seen from you, our community.

Several local business members also provided gift certificates which were distributed to the families during the event. The gift certificates provide an opportunity for our local business to offer food or services to families as well. These are very well-received and provide a bonus prize to several children and their families.

I would also like to thank Marinette County Sheriff’s Office, Kingsford Public Safety and the Michigan State Police for their participation in this event. Over 20 families and employee’s of the sheriff’s office helped with the program, escorting children, wrapping presents or planning the event.

A special thanks to Dairy Queen and Walmart for hosting the event and the kind reviews of the media groups.

We are fortunate to see the generous nature of many of the children, often shopping first for their families and using what is left for themselves. Some children donated all of their gifts to a less fortunate family in the area.


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