Florence County did well during COVID-19 testing

Bouquets and Barbs


From Annette Seibold, health officer, Florence County Health Department:

The Wisconsin National Guard provided community-based COVID-19 testing in Florence County on May 12. These citizen soldiers were activated under Gov. Tony Evers’ order to provide increased testing throughout Wisconsin. They worked along with the local health department, Emergency Management and sheriff’s office to provide testing to 224 individuals, 176 of whom were Florence County residents. Other Wisconsin counties represented included Brown, Forest, Oneida, Outagamie and Vilas. Ten participants also were from two Michigan counties, Iron and Dickinson.

We, at the health department, wish to express our gratitude to the participants who made the project worthwhile and participating in the drive-up testing. Many were older individuals and were not sure what to expect. We want to thank you for being willing to undergo testing to protect yourself, your families and the community.

We also want to tell you how proud we were to be from Florence County, as so many of you expressed your appreciation to the Wisconsin National Guard for their service. You didn’t know what we did as we talked to these fine individuals of their 12-16 hour day to make this happen in our northern rural community. Yet, you thanked them and were appreciative of their service as we stood alongside them. We were proud to call you our community.

Finally, we want to thank Emergency Management and the sheriff’s office. These individuals go above and beyond their jobs in creating a positive legacy and safe environment in Florence County.

Thanks to IM city crews for fixing plow damage


From Jerry Rahoi, Iron Mountain:

Just a sincere thank you to the Iron Mountain City Crew Supervisor for keeping to his word and to city workers for the job they did in repairing the edge of my yard. The plow tore up the edging of part of my yard during the last snowfall we had a few weeks ago. I stopped by the city shop a couple of weeks ago and the supervisor told me it would be repaired in approximately two weeks, when top soil was to come in. It was almost two weeks to the day the repair was made, and it was an excellent job done by the workers who repaired my yard.

So again, thank you for keeping to your word and for doing a great job on the repair.


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