906 Day reminds us what we have in common as Yoopers

What unites Upper Peninsula residents?

A love of plaid and pasties?

A passion for euchre and cribbage?


But perhaps the most inclusive and obvious answer involves three digits: 906.

These three numbers make up the area code that serves the entire Upper Peninsula, giving all of us a little something in common.

And this uniting fact was not lost on Justin “Bugsy” Sailor, who calls himself the “official unofficial ambassador to the Upper Peninsula.”

He came up with the idea of celebrating 906 Day in 2012 and ever since then, it’s been celebrated each Sept. 6 by U.P. residents, including this past Sunday.

“The response has been incredible, for something that began as a whim in 2012, the morning of Sept. 6 has grown into a U.P.-wide event to celebrate this unique region,” Sailor told the Journal previously.

It’s even been recognized by those far beyond the 9,000-square miles of paradise that U.P. residents call home.

Last year, Sailor’s blog stated: “The governor has tweeted about it, the Detroit Free Press, Bell’s Brewery has hosted a special event, it was recognized by the Michigan State Police headquarters, and the list goes on.”

This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic afoot, the celebrations naturally was a little bit different.

But it still offered a chance to reflect on a truly beautiful thing about 906 Day, to focus on what we have in common and what we share, rather than our differences and what divides us.

We need a little unity more than ever this year.

And there are many examples of Yoopers banding together in the past months to make the world a brighter place for others amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

From mask-making efforts and “ding dong dash” care packages, to vehicle parades held for residents at assisted living facilities and meals delivered to health care workers, the area’s residents have truly shown how much they care for one another.

We commend all who have been involved in such efforts and we encourage U.P. residents to celebrate the beauty of this area and all the people who make it a special place to call home.


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