Preventing pollution is everyone’s business

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has proclaimed Sept. 21 through 27 as Pollution Prevention Week to serve as a time to reaffirm Michiganders’ commitments to protecting the state’s environment and natural resources.

“Michigan’s natural resources are important to our families, our environment and our economy, and it is important we all do our part to prevent environmental pollution that could harm our beautiful state,” Whitmer said. “By implementing pollution prevention practices in everyday activities, individuals can foster healthy communities, and businesses can become national leaders in sustainable practices.”

Pollution Prevention Week draws attention to the many ways one can foster a sense of environmental stewardship. Reducing use of waste and toxic substances, recycling and reusing materials are all ways individuals can take steps to prevent pollution and preserve our communities and natural resources.

Here are some individual suggestions:

— Conserve energy;

— Properly disposal of materials;

— Use more earth-friendly products;

— Pick up pet waste;

— Keep your vehicle maintained from leaks;

— Wash your car at a commercial car wash — not on your driveway, where soap goes down the storm sewer;

–Plant a native plant rain garden to slow stormwater;

— Use a rain barrel;

— Use less salt in the winter on your driveway and sidewalk;

— Learn about wastewater treatment and what not to flush.

The Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy also is recognizing this week as Michigan Environmental Compliance Week. EGLE will use this week to help businesses, communities, and environmental professionals protect Michigan’s environment by learning how to comply with the environmental regulations that apply to them to help prevent pollution.

Michigan Environmental Compliance Week features an extensive webinar curriculum, including sessions that focus on how to comply with air, waste and water regulations, as well as sessions covering environmental remediation and emergency planning/response.

More than 80 EGLE staff from throughout the state are presenting on a wide range of topics and also taking questions.


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