A shout-out to driver who cleaned up trash

Bouquets and Barbs

Barb-Bouquet: I am a log truck driver from the Marquette area. I travel Lake Antoine Road every day at all manner of different times of day. The early morning of Saturday, Nov. 20, I was quite miffed that some parasite threw their trash out the window on the corner of Pine Creek and Lake Antoine roads, right by the park and boat launch. The contents of the split-open bag were strewn about all along the corner. Looked great!

This letter could go on and on about the stupid actions of those who do not care and about the degradation of society. But, no …

I want to give a really big, shout-out THANK YOU to the man with the shiny, bright-blue pickup truck who stopped to clean up the mess! You, sir, are a great example of what community pride is — and what America is supposed to be. You made my day. You and the snowman riding on the back of a truck headed into town earlier in my trip.


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