Scholarships appreciated no matter the amount


I am responding to the unsigned letter from last Saturday’s Speak Out in which the writer suggested that the gift of a $500 scholarship is “shameful.”

As scholarship coordinator for Breitung Township Schools, I can state without doubt that all scholarships received are sincerely appreciated, by both Kingsford High School as well as the recipients, regardless of size.

Often, scholarships are given as a token of appreciation to the school or as memorials for departed loved ones.

Pictures are often sent to the paper as recognition of the students’ accomplishments, not as publicity for the donor. The community has generously supported our students, and I am saddened that the writer would publicly demean their generosity with this letter.

Parents have reached out to me to express how much $500 – or any amount – can help with college expenses. Furthermore, should the writer wish to offer a $500 scholarship, as he or she suggested he or she could, BTS would be very grateful.

Rita Edberg

Kingsford High School Scholarship Coordinator