Teacher layoff handled poorly


What is wrong with the Iron Mountain Schools administration?

My friend is a teacher. The afternoon of the last day of school, they were told they would be getting a letter informing them that they were being laid off. Really, the afternoon of the last day? So this was some emergency, last-minute decision?

What is worse, the letter they received was a GENERIC form letter that began with “Dear (redacted) teacher.” You can’t even address the teacher by name? No “thank you for your multiple years of service,” no recognition of the many unique programs they created and no chance to say goodbye for the teacher or the students.

Do you think this is an acceptable way to treat employees? Well I don’t and I would not want my children to think so, either. In fact, I think it is pretty darn callous and you should be ashamed.

Maybe you can just text the next teacher who is laid off or fired. I’m sure someone will commend you for saving the postage.

Lisa Maines