Vote no Aug. 2 on millage proposals


I hear that the Dickinson County Commissioners are talking about adding another millage proposal to the ballot, probably for the November election, to fund the veterans program in the county. That’s fine and good but instead of piecemealing money out of the taxpayers for good things or misleading the taxpayers like they did with the 911 millage, maybe it’s time for the county commissioners to be honest.

Why not propose a “Pension and Retirees Healthcare” millage, make it high enough to fund it properly so then the county can be run as it should? To fund the county retirees’ pensions and health care, Dickinson County residents will have to pay taxes to people that, on average, can retire in their 50s and will receive an income for doing nothing. Isn’t that welfare? No-my bad-it’s called a “pension.”

When a “noble” known as a county retiree reaches the age of retirement, like every one else they get their Social Security in addition to “your local tax dollar” subsidized pension or “welfare.” Just about any millage increase on the Aug. 2 ballot, anywhere in Dickinson County, is a millage for bloated pensions, aka middle-class welfare.

Vote no on all millage proposals Aug 2, including the Conservation District proposal. That is what the Department of Natural Resources and Department of Environmental Quality are for. County pensions amounts, payroll, state pension, statistics and audit links can be found at

Brian K. Smeester