Disappointed in LaFave event

Shortly after arriving at state Rep. Beau LaFave’s first coffee hour in Iron Mountain, it became glaringly apparent that not much thought or planning was put into this event. With no designated area set aside, we found the least-congested place to wait for Rep. LaFave to arrive.

Being in a busy restaurant, we ordered something while we waited.

When Mr. LaFave finally arrived, looking disheveled and 10 minutes late, he comfortably seated himself at a table occupied by a local Republican County officer. We waited for some kind of an address or a clue as to his agenda. None was forthcoming. People then started approaching his table. Seeing as this was to be how to proceed, we got in line.

Before many of us could talk with our representative, the owner, who was visually upset, confronted Mr. LaFave about the lack of advance notice concerning the event and how it was discouraging his lunch-hour business.

Mr. LaFave apologized to the owner, expressing dismay that no member of his staff had cleared or confirmed the event. Mr LaFave then asked if everyone present would please order something to support the business, even though some people were clearly not there to see or talk with him.

The lack of planning and scheduling of this event was unfortunate for all concerned.

His constituents took time out of their day to meet with him that morning. They wanted to hear from him and also to be able to talk with him in a comfortable and inviting setting.

Instead, what they encountered was a slipshod, put-together-at-the-last-minute event.

To say we were disappointed is an understatement. Most who had a chance to meet with him received no clear or concise answers.

If young Mr. LaFave cannot handle a simple coffee hour, how are we expected to believe he can handle representing us in the 108th District of Michigan in a qualified way?