Bothered by driver who deliberately hit muskrat


I saw a disturbing incident 8:30 p.m. Sunday in the Walmart parking lot.

I had just stopped for a moment to look through my glove box for a paper I needed when I looked up and noticed something little walking across the lot towards me. When it got right up close, I could see it was a fat muskrat slowly waddling his way across the lot. I watched it and thought to myself, “Well, you woke up, so it must be spring!”

It passed my car and went on his way to whatever destination it had in mind and had gone perhaps another 30 yards past me when suddenly a midsize car pulled into the lot. When the driver apparently noticed the little muskrat, he swerved over toward it deliberately and struck and killed it and drove on without stopping. I had hoped it was only stunned but when I checked on it, I could see it was crushed and dead.

What is the matter with people today? A harmless little animal that hurts nothing and yet they see fit to take its life for no reason at all. There sure are some nice people in our town these days…

William Griffith