Upset about MDOT spending

A couple articles in The Daily News about roads and bridges and the Michigan Department of Transportation recently drew my attention.

Now that our plates and gas taxes have gone up, it seems MDOT officials have lost all common sense and spent it all on roundabouts. Why take out a $5,000 stop-and-go light and spend $4 million to replace it?

Four million dollars can fix a lot of rough roads and bridges. Why aren’t they required to be responsible with U.S. taxpayers’ money?

It appears that they don’t have to be responsible to anyone.

They take all they can get and dump it into roundabouts and replacing road signs that have nothing wrong, as on Highway M-95 from Iron Mountain north.

It’s time for our governor and Legislature to get involved and control their spending.

As senior citizens, we don’t get a raise, but everything goes up. Why don’t they at MDOT have to run a budget like we do?