Wrong plan for Central School


When money becomes most important, the best intentioned, honest and nice people become victims.

In my opinion, such is the case with those supporting low-income housing in the old Central School building.

I view this as a very bad decision for our community. This kind of development should not be near our schools.

Admit it or not, we all know what happens to neighborhoods when low-income housing is introduced. What we have here is the worst of all scenarios, as it puts our children at risk.

Drugs, alcohol, and despair are all a part of low-income culture. Perhaps not for all living there but for far too many. Do we really want this next to our schools?

Is this to be a part of our children’s learning experience? I hope not.

It was not a part of my learning experience and I don’t want it to be a part of our children’s.

I see a second problem, that is, the group heading up this project is from out of state and therefore has no interest in our community other than for the profit it can make. How sad is it that our community leaders are supporting this project.

Some support it because of the monies they will receive from the sale of the property, others because they will make money in one way or another and there are those who just simply aren’t thinking clearly.

I believe that with the talent we have in this community, surely our leaders — be they financial, governmental or otherwise — can come up with a much better plan for the use of this property.

I ask our community leaders to meet, put their talent to use and let’s fix this before it’s too late.

I will do whatever I can to be of assistance.

How about it, mayor? Will you put together a group to look into other possibilities for this property?

Bob Moraska

Iron Mountain