Make a call to fully fund the VA

This weekend we had Veterans Day and praised, toasted and otherwise honored “the Vets.” The summer saw squadrons of motorcycles roaring for the vets, flags a flying. On television, we see heartwarming stories of Honor Flights to Washington and various entertainments at veterans or nursing homes. Nothing is too good for the vets.

But can I ask, before you take that six-pack out to enjoy as you polish the Harley for next year or maybe begin your hunting or holiday preparations, could you do one more thing? Call your senators — you have two — and your Congressman — you have one –and ask them to fully fund and fully staff the Veterans Administration. If they cannot do that, ask why. And maybe vote for someone else next time.

In the final calling, the veterans have done more things positive for you than the Congress ever has. I am a Vietnam veteran, disabled at a 100-percent rating. I physically cannot go on any Honor Flight and I have had my last time standing for ceremonies with my veterans groups. That is alright; I don’t mind.

But if you meet me, instead of saying, “Thank you for your service,” how about just saying, “Welcome home”. If the fellow’s hat says “Vietnam Veteran,” I am pretty sure he did not hear that when he returned all those many years ago.

Thank you for thinking of us and you are so welcome for what we did. It was the right thing to do.

Now, will you pick up your phone and do the right thing? I hope so.