Name-calling does no good

This letter is in response to the call from Allan Peterson to give Donald Trump a chance. Well, he has had his chance, and he has demonstrated his true character. I do not have to watch the “liberal” networks to understand this man; I only have to read his tweets and listen to his speeches. He has demonstrated clearly he is a racist, misogynistic, narcissistic liar. He is clearly following the autocrat’s playbook: convince the public the press and the intelligence agencies are lying, that he alone can fix all our problems, and that those with opposing views want to destroy the country.

I would like to ask Mr. Peterson why he thinks it is helpful, in these terribly divided times, to denigrate those who do not share his opinion. Do you really believe liberals hate this country, do not care about their fellow Americans, want to re-write the Constitution, and hate capitalism? I can assure you that liberals love this country. However, it is most important to us that our representatives work for their constituents, and not for the Russians, corporations, the NRA and others who have bought and paid for their support. Would it move you to another opinion if I said Trump supporters are uneducated, ignorant of the real facts, and haters of people who are not like them? I doubt it. Your name-calling only goes to reinforce the divisions that are destroying the fabric of our society. Let’s talk about the issues and skip the name calling.