Government, schools need God to stop evil

We have had yet another school shooting, and it again was terrible. It is so sad to see and hear this on the news. But what is really sad is the banter again on what we must do to stop this senseless killing.

You have the usual, “We need more gun control, we need more gun laws, sensible gun laws.” Chicago has tough gun laws and they have the most murders. You hear those who say “it is time, we must do something now.” This is not a problem that can be legislated away.

Many people reading this will not understand what I am about to say — not because they are not intelligent but because they have never studied this subject. There are spiritual forces of evil at work, not just in America but in this world. We are told that this spiritual being and his army of demons has one purpose here on Earth: “Satan (and his evil angels) are here to kill, steal and destroy.” This has been the problem with planet Earth since the beginning of time.

Now, if you do not believe this, too bad — hide you head in the sand. I took the time to study this and I and many others in this world understand this. Look at our area here — we have people who rob, kill, steal, make meth labs, sell drugs, use drugs. You see this in the paper every day, so don’t deny it.

What causes this evil activity? It is the evil forces at work in this world. It is going to be like this until the end of this world. It will end at the Second Coming, and at that time judgment will be handed out to the evil doers.

What America needs is a “spiritual renewal.” It started with Roe vs. Wade, when abortion was legalized, the murder of unborn babies. Then we had prayer banned in schools. The Ten Commandments have been taken down all across America. Then gay marriage became legal. Good, and God is being put down every day on America, and we wonder why there is killing, murder, rape, mass shootings in our schools? We have laws against all of these things, does that stop them? You can make all the laws you want, evil people will never follow them.

We have game laws in our country — do the so-called hunters and fisherman obey them? No. I say “so-called” because that is the ones who do the illegal things. Real honest hunters and fisherman do not break the game laws.

This last school shooting did not have to happen. People did not do their jobs; some in law enforcement dropped the ball. There are those who try to blame “mental illness.” It is not mental illness; it is evil possession of an individual. I am not saying there is no such thing as mental illness, it is just that that alone does not cause these things to happen.

If you want to find out about this thing called “evil,” pick up your Bible. If you don’t have one, buy one and read it. It is as plain as day in there.

As I said above, I took the time to study this for myself, and I understand what is going on in this world. If we keep pushing God out of our schools, out of government, out of our lives, this will not just continue but get worst.

Each of us needs to know what the Founding Fathers wanted for our country. If you think it was to get rid of prayer and the Ten Commandments and crosses, you are deceived.