Keep veterans in mind when voting this year

I read or see on the television from time to time that Congress is working on funding the Veterans Administration. I notice from time to time that they are wrestling mentally with where the money is going to come from and how much they can allot to the VA.

How interesting. By that, I mean how interesting that the people we hired to manage our country are so mentally challenged. They are easily finding money for their own pay and health care benefits.

Let me tell you how I view it and let us see if the majority agrees. When the United States enters a state of war with anyone, anywhere, the care of the veterans that will be created by that Act of War should be automatically funded. An example would be that on Dec. 8, 1941, when our president at that time, Franklin D. Roosevelt, declared war on the Empire of Japan. Several days later, Germany declared war on the United States. At that time, the full future funding for all of the people who would serve should have been funded. Some of the people who fought and won this war, World War II as it is named, are still among us and some are still without care of service-connected injuries or disabilities. Some received some help; many received none.

The same goes for all the wars or military actions this country has undertaken since then. As I see it, this is a disgrace upon the American people, put upon them by the Congresses they have elected from that time forward. The United States owes a debt — and, in the case of WWII, its continued existence — to the people who successfully fought and won that conflict.

What did they get? They got called the Greatest Generation. Wow. How cool. Now how about their medical and psychological needs? How about also covering all the conflicts since then?

When did we, the American people, become so dishonorable as a group? A debt is owed and this debt remains to a great extent unpaid. Step up, America, and pay what you owe to the people you owe for your very freedom.

The current Congress is not going to do this, but November is coming. We can correct the problem with the right people in Congress, individuals who will actually do the people’s work, as they swear to do in their oath of office.

Before November, contact your two senators and your one Congressional representative and ask them point blank how they vote on veterans funding. If they cannot show you a positive voting record in this area, replace them. This is not a partisan issue. It is an issue of morality. Do the right thing.

Considering the current administration, you or your child or grandchild may soon be a veteran and they may also be in need of a fully funded and fully staffed Veterans Administration.

Finally in the light of full disclosure — I am a veteran of the Vietnam War. I joined and was not drafted. I served from February 1963 to February 1967. I sustained some considerable injuries in the military and in 1989 found I had a cancer related to dioxin, popularily known as Agent Orange. I did not get my claim settled until 2003.

Does that sound like what you want for your kids and grandkids? If not, step up, educate yourself and vote for decent people. For a change.