Liberals have double standard

Well, we have seen the liberals go bananas over the “Stormy Daniels” issue. Even had the FBI raid President Trump’s lawyers office and home. Really, where was all the “liberal/Democrat indignation” when President Clinton was in office, and he did these things while he was in office? This issue, if it did happen, was over 12 years ago for President Trump. President Clinton paid Paula Jones $800,500 to shut her up — really, no CNN coverage over that.

There is a double standard with liberals — it is OK in their camp but not OK in the conservative camp. Sickening, they are. Then “super Bill” had an affair with a 22-year-old White House intern. He was supposed to be impeached, but he stayed in office, can’t understand that.

Just recently, we had the football team of Alabama, who won the national title, and the “entire” team came to the White House — no one protested the president. Then, as a matter of fact, a group of players gathered around the president for a “prayer” for the president and the country. The liberal media did not cover that, did they?

The Mueller investigation is nothing but a “witch hunt,” looking for anything to discredit the president, I am sick of this liberal crap. Look who is doing all the investigating — all liberals who love Hillary Clinton. Does this not smell of “bias?”

This country is in the best shape it has been in since President Ragen and the liberals can’t stand it that America and everyone in America is prospering! Here is a fact: if you want to upset a conservative, lie to them — if you want to anger a liberal, tell the truth; they can’t stand the truth.