Prevailing wage repeal bad idea

So we are now to believe that the repeal of the Prevailing Wage Law is a GOOD thing. That having to pay union wages to skilled construction workers puts an undue burden on non-union construction companies. That bidding for government contracts on a level playing field is somehow unfair to those poor non-union contractors. That’s all fixed now. Now they’ll be just fine.

Michigan law doesn’t even require them to e-verify the immigration status of their now-minimum-wage workers. So those poor, struggling non-union contractors can build our bridges, schools and hospitals with minimum wage workers, putting regular construction union workers at a competitive disadvantage.

Contractors who bargain in good faith will still have to pay union scale, though it’s unlikely they’ll win many bids. Eventually, unions will just fade away and then all workers will earn lower wages. See how well that works? And we taxpayers can just sit back and wait for all those “savings” to trickle down onto us.

State Reps. Sara Cambensy and Scott Dianda as well as state Sen. Tom Casperson all voted against this bill. Only state Rep. Beau LaFave chose party over people.