DICSA: Funding benefits seniors

I’d like to let readers know just how much the Dickinson County senior millage dollars impact our area seniors. DlCSA — the Dickinson Iron Community Services Agency — receives a good portion of the millage dollars. We use the money to provide these services to any eligible resident in the entirety of Dickinson County, including Iron Mountain, Kingsford, Norway, Vulcan, Felch, Sagola and surrounding communities:

— 65,680 meals delivered to 259 homebound seniors per year;

— 18,185 meals served in a group setting per year;

— 59 households receiving 12,802 hours of in-home care a year, such as cleaning, laundry, meal prep, personal care, respite and more;

— 23 individuals receiving 9,737 hours of adult day care at the Family Ties center per year;

— 6,000 rides provided on the DlCSA Buzzin’ Around Town bus per year.

For greater detail of the numbers served in each community, please see our website at dicsami.org.

The DlCSA staff is incredibly grateful to the taxpayers for supporting this millage in the past. We are honored to provide these services to our senior community and hope to continue to do so at the same level for years to come.