Supports Sauve as Marinette County sheriff

To my fellow Marinette County residents —

After 27 years of service with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, we were able to retire to Marinette County.

For the past 28 years we have resided in the Town of Silver Cliff. Because of my background, I have paid attention to our sheriff’s office here in Marinette County. Having the knowledge of all a sheriff is responsible for, I have become very impressed with Sheriff Jerry Sauve and the level of dedication to his duties.

The Marinette County Jail operations and the high marks our jail receives in its annual inspections, court security, civil process and sheriff’s sales — all are being done well on his watch. I have come to know him as a principled leader who is not afraid to do what he knows is right.

Year after year, he comes out to all our fire service picnics and parades, escorts our American Legion Color Guard and visits and supports these events.

Sheriff Jerry Sauve is the “real deal,” and I am pleased to support him in his election on Tuesday, Aug. 14.