Conservatives get things done

A very large pine tree fell into a channel on the Chain of Lakes and blocked over one-half of the passageway. Within a couple of hours, my neighbors and friends had cut it up and removed the branches from the channel, making the channel safe again to traverse. First, I would like to thank them for taking the initiative to quickly remove the tree. They know who they are and, knowing them, they aren’t looking for recognition.

This event and subsequent response is a perfect analogy for the two views of government espoused by liberals and conservatives in this country.

The response of the liberal (most Democrats) is to complain about the fact that the tree fell and to wait for the government to respond or to possibly call a government official to take care of the problem. If and when the government is informed of the incident, the government bureaucracy takes over. The government has to route the problem to the responsible agency. This isn’t always straightforward as government agencies, federal, state and local, often overlap and often pass the buck.

In addition, if the problem reaches the appropriate agency, the agency has to find funding, then conduct a wetlands study or some other analysis and get a host of various approvals. They would then need to compete the project amongst tree trimmer companies, review the bids and finally issue a contract. A year or two later, the tree might finally get removed.

The response by my neighbors — doctors, a coach, retirees and others — exemplifies the conduct of conservatives. They didn’t need the government to respond; they took action almost immediately and had the tree removed and cleaned up in hours. Conservatism equates to limited government, individual responsibility and individual rights.

Our federal government was formed to “provide for the common defense, promote (not provide) the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves.” The definition of liberty, for those that have forgotten, is the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.

California, New York and Washington D.C. epitomize liberal thinking and government control, from banning “big gulps” to forcing restaurants to only serve children water or milk.

“The Swamp” is made up of liberals and RINOs — Republicans in Name Only — who think they are smarter than us and know what’s best for us.

Drain the swamp and vote for conservatives in November.