Sheriff Sauve merits re-election

I have observed a good number of sheriffs in our county since the 1950s, when my father held that office. Right now, we have a very good sheriff in Jerry Sauve.

I served as the chief deputy of the Marinette County Sheriff’s Office for several years. I watched Jerry Sauve come to our agency as a young deputy, now nearly 34 years ago. He learned fast, worked hard and was promoted up through the ranks from deputy to sergeant, lieutenant and chief deputy. In 2010, he was elected our sheriff and re-elected in 2014. I’m proud to support him in his re-election effort.

Sheriff Sauve has remained poised under pressure, and yet in his calm but confident way, kept us informed by clear, concise and timely press releases.

Under his watch, his agency has handled many difficult, dangerous and involved matters and handled them well.

Sheriff Sauve takes his sheriff’s responsibilities seriously. He is very deserving of another term as Marinette County Sheriff.