A community center proposal

I am a resident of Iron Mountain who is concerned about the welfare of the younger generation of our community. I have an idea for the two buildings next to the old Fontana’s.

I am asking for help to possibly turn them into a type of community center, with pool tables, dart boards and a dance floor in the downstairs, and possibly a band studio in one half of the upstairs and arts and crafts in the other half.

In my opinion, we are in need of something of this nature in our community. I realize this would need support of the city council, along with local, county and state law enforcement and the general public.

I, myself, would be willing to throw in on this idea, but I cannot do it alone. I would need the help of the community, regardless of political views, race or religion.

This could, in my opinion, be a self-supporting part of our community if the right people come together with teamwork, respect and cooperation.

I have many thoughts and ideas that would never fit into 250 words. So if anyone is interested, you may write me at: David Foster, 505 N. Kimberly Ave. Apt. 1, Iron Mountain, MI 49801.

This endeavor may possibly help deter our younger generation from addiction and suicide and strengthen our city.