Don’t risk losing local hospital

I am writing in support of Dickinson County Memorial Hospital.

I live in Crystal Falls, so I either have to drive 15 miles to Iron River or 30 miles to Iron Mountain for hospital care; some tests can be done locally at the Crystal Falls Clinic. Crystal Falls once had a community hospital — it was like Dickinson County Memorial Hospital, a great hospital with a caring medical staff.

After many years, our hospital was sold. The organization that bought the Crystal Falls Hospital and the Iron River Hospital stated they would build a new hospital halfway between the two towns but that did not come to pass; eventually, the Crystal Falls Hospital was closed completely and the Iron River Hospital was remodeled and kept in operation. The people of Crystal Falls no longer had medical care a few minutes’ ride from their home. It was devastating for the people who worked there and for the community itself.

My suggestion to the people of Dickinson County and the outlying areas: do not abandon Dickinson County Memorial Hospital, they have a great deal to offer in medical care so close to home.

I have personally experienced the care and support from the medical staff for different tests I have had at Dickinson County Memorial Hospital over the years, and most recently, surgery.

It would be a shame to lose Dickinson County Memorial Hospital. Without your support, your regrets may be too late and everyone will lose in the end.