In reality, no right to abortion

Watching the confirmation of the new Supreme Court Justice, what a laugh. Know the Democrats are worried about so-called abortion “rights.” There is no such thing as a woman’s right to have an abortion. It is a woman’s right to use birth control, period — that and that only. Once a woman becomes pregnant, she is carrying a living baby. It is also not a “women’s health” issue, either — abortion is not about a woman’s health. Now, I do favor an abortion in the case of “rape,” if proved to be so. A woman should not be forced to carry a baby full-term for rape.

Remember the Sixth Commandment, “Thou shall not kill?” Also remember Jesus said, Satan “comes to steal, kill and destroy.” Abortion is right from Satan, not from God. Evil is in this world and Satan is the author of evil, he and his fellow demons.

One final thought, remember this — we will all stand before God on Judgement Day, I feel sorry for those who pushed for abortion laws and the women who have had abortions. The Democratic Party fights for abortion — you really want to have it on your conscience and on your record when you face God on Judgement Day? It is “liberalism” that pushed for abortion, and God is not a liberal, period.

We need to pray for our country and our leaders and especially our Democrats. Our country is heading down a slippery slope of liberalism and moral decline. Remember, Rome was once the most powerful nation in the world. They were not defeated by an enemy, they fell from moral decay from within.