LaFave doesn’t merit re-election

A state representative is elected to represent the people. But I have seen enough of our current representative patting himself on the back to realize the only person he serves in the Michigan Legislature is himself.

Beau LaFave is all too proud to have repealed prevailing wage, even against the advice of fellow Republican legislators. Wages through our country have been stagnant for years and fall well behind the rate of inflation, and our representative saw fit to lower the wages of skilled laborers even more.

When confronted on social media for his poor decision, Beau relied on his cronies to fight his battles for him, attacking constituents understandably upset by what their elected officials had done to them, their families and their futures.

Beau has been selfish on his term as state representative, lowering the wages of the very people he swore to represent.

Our communities cannot afford to have someone stealing their paychecks and claiming the moral high ground while doing so. I know I can’t.

I’m a retired member of Carpenters Local 1510 and UAW Local 632.