Favors McBroom for state Senate

I am writing to tell everyone why they should support Ed McBroom for state Senate.

I got to know candidate McBroom during his first term as a Michigan Representative, which would have been in 2010. Those of you who know me know all about the problem I have had with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, which began about that time.

I want you all to know that Ed McBroom is someone special. I dealt with him a lot during the past eight years, regarding the MDNR and other issues and I found him to be very responsive and willing to do anything he could. And boy, did he help. He was a very effective legislator. Not that he agreed with me 100 percent on everything–he did not — but when something wasn’t right or it was not in the best interest of the U.P., he didn’t ignore it or dole out a bunch of political rhetoric. He was resolved to solve problems and find solutions.

Also, I want you to know that not one time did I ever deal with him where he played the partisan card. Meaning, I don’t think Ed ever did anything just based on party affiliation. He did things based on helping people and helping the U.P., and I don’t think he cares if you’re a Republican or Democrat. He was there to serve the people of the U.P.

Ed McBroom is a man with extremely high values and character and I think he would make a great replacement for Tom Casperson. I hope you will join me in voting for him Nov. 6.