Optimist and a realist

I am writing this short letter to explain the reasoning behind my decision to vote for Ed McBroom for Michigan’s 38th District State Senate seat.

We live in the most interesting of times. Everything has become so incredibly and insanely political, it can be disheartening. Even with all that is going on, Ed McBroom is an optimist and a realist. He’s a straight shooter and if you ask him, he will tell you exactly what he thinks about the issues or about why he voted the way he did as a State Representative. Unlike many politicians, he won’t make empty promises about issues that a Michigan legislator has no control over.

Perhaps most importantly, Ed views the Constitution not as some incessant obstacle that needs to be subverted but rather as something that is sacrosanct. Additionally, Ed’s tenacious work ethic, invaluable team-building skills and unwavering integrity result in an individual who will represent the people of the 38th Senate District with honor.

Ed views the intricate and complex world of politics and legislation through a very pragmatic lens. He has the desirable trait of being able to analyze issues objectively, leading to decisions based on facts and reason, not on the subjective, selfish and often capricious whims of the lobbyists, special interest groups, or those who don’t have the best interest of the Upper Peninsula in their minds and in their hearts. Ed McBroom is a fiercely loyal and passionate advocate for those of us who have chosen “God’s Country” as our home.