County should back DCHS fund

This is a response to the “County won’t rush DCHS credit request” in the Daily News on Tuesday, Dec. 11. This county board and the previous county boards in Dickinson and Iron counties gave the Dickinson Iron Community Services Agency in the past 30-plus years between $7.5 million- and $10.5 million-plus and they keep crying for more and giving us less. This was all senior millage money from Fund 275.

These five commissioners and the controller are just as responsible for the financial shape the hospital is in as anybody else and probably more so.

The Daily News. Iron County Reporter and any other way possible should spread the word to all the people in Dickinson County and all the surrounding counties and northern Wisconsin to call these five commissioners and order them to sign the DCHS credit request as soon as yesterday.

Dale and Kevin, please lead this charge. We cannot take any chances on losing this hospital.