White House version of ‘The Apprentice’

I am usually pretty quick on the uptake, but I will admit this one took me a day or so to figure out. The parts finally came together with a report on making “The Apprentice” television show, which starred Donald Trump. I have seen in the near past that one secretary after another have left their Cabinet posts, either of their own free will or with a shove from President Trump. Of course the ones that left willingly have suffered the president going “back in time” before their resignation and saying he fired them first. Petty, but I am sure the folks who left were just happy to be gone.

As each secretary disappears for whatever reason, an ACTING Secretary appears. Now, who do you get for an acting job? An actor, of course. And who did they get for “The Celebrity Apprentice”? Again, actors.

So finally it came together in a flash. The White House is filling with actors, including at the top spot. It can only be one thing going on here. “The Apprentice” is coming back. The actors that are coming in do not know what their job entails, and if their performance does not please the boss, they get fired.

So here we are, folks, back where we were before all the politics got in the way. We now present “The Apprentice White House — 2200 Pennsylvania Ave. Edition.”

It has to be a hit again, just as sure as “The Apprentice” was — although not with Arnie at the firing desk.

Now all I have to ponder out is where in all this gaiety does Meatloaf fit in and how on Earth can we work Gary Busey back onto the show? I am not sure he is skilled enough to be secretary of anything, but then this is just ACTING secretary. And all of this just in time to save us from spring reruns, too.

Happy New Year.