Fake news, fake politicians

How long will we swallow this ______ (you fill in the blank) that politicians unload on us?

“Mission Accomplished” said a Bush president, stepping out of a cockpit that he did not always show up to fly when serving in the active military.

“ISIS is defeated!” boasts an overgrown juvenile delinquent bully, and his challenge is met by bombs and dead or wounded American soldiers.

“While government is in shutdown, I will not accept my pay,” says our congressman. Question for our retired general — what about your military pension, about $50,000 a year? You also drawing Social Security? You are old enough.

Our active-duty Coast Guard staff were not being paid and had to go to food banks to feed their families.

We have built walls on Mexico’s border before — there are air-conditioned tunnels under them. The flow of drugs and people continues.

Fake news — Google it — fake politicians and we swallow it.