Showing weakness on abortion

Thank you for carrying on Kathleen Parker’s well-written op-ed on Tuesday on the state of our country regarding the evil of abortion. Let me first say I applaud her powerful, insightful, and intelligent approach to the matter. Our world needs more people to bravely take a public stand in the media about confronting any and all evil.

That being said, I have a concern of Parker’s addressing of the issue, specifically a show of weakness on abortion, no matter how slight it appears on the surface, that has been exploited by the allies of evil. Parker wrote, “Like many if not most Americans, I have been reasonably at ease with President Clinton’s 1996 call for making abortion ‘safe, legal and rare,’ but had hoped we’d seriously pursue that goal through better information and limit abortion to the first trimester.” There are two major problems with Clinton’s view and Parker’s “dancing with the devil” acceptance of it.

First, I do not believe “most Americans” are “at ease” with abortion in limited cases, including restrictions to the first trimester. I know many Americans who do NOT believe in ANY form of abortion, regardless of development period of the fetus, let alone believing it should be “safe” and “legal.” Murder is never safe for the victim, nor should murder ever be legal. Infanticide in the first trimester may ease the conscience of the persons involved with the act of abortion because the unborn baby appears less human, but the unborn is human baby nonetheless.

Second, we should never be “at ease” with evil. This Clintonian view of abortion is exactly the kind of “chink in the armor” that evil exploits, where they quickly take a mile when offered an inch. By agreeing with this Clintonian view, Parker is leaving open what appears to be a “loophole” for infanticide that can, and has been, expanded to the extreme. A fetus is not analogous to a cancerous tumor that needs to be “safely” and “legally” removed. Abortion is an abomination, where the life of an innocent unborn child is unjustly, and often violently, stolen from it, regardless of development period where the child is aborted. Anyone who “feels at ease” with abortion should take a serious objective look at their conscience and pray for the truth and guidance from our loving Creator regarding the atrocity of abortion. Only God can create a baby and it is not our place to play God and end the life of the baby before it is even born.

I myself am the product of an unwed teen mother in the mid-1960s who easily could have aborted me but instead unselfishly carried me to term and then put me up for adoption. It shouldn’t have to take a potential near-brush with death for one to appreciate the incalculable value of God’s gift of life. When life is stolen from an unborn infant, everything that person is and ever could be also is stolen from it. Every breath, every moment of joy, love, peace and goodwill is abruptly, unjustly and irrevocably stolen. Every gift, talent and ability that God has given that person is never able to manifest itself because the persons’ life was snuffed out before they could be born.

With the way evil is increasingly encompassing our country through progressive liberalism and secular humanism, the battle against evil will only get more difficult. Now is the time to once and for all resolutely stand up and fight the evil abortion, not find reasons to accept any scintilla regarding the matter to fraudulently justify it.