Lawmakers not doing job on roads

My wife and I took a bit of ride down to Crivitz, Wis., to have lunch with her parents one day this week. What a ride it was. Now, we did take my Ranger truck, which does have a truck suspension and rides a bit harder than the Explorer. With that as a given, all I can say is, what a ride it was. And what a ride it is, in the truck, in the Explorer and I am betting in whatever the reader is driving.

I do believe that most of us do pay our taxes. I do believe that most of us have a legal registration on our vehicle. I know we all pay taxes when we buy fuel. That is right on the gas pump. So with all this paying of taxes at so many levels, why are we bumping and crashing along on these roads, which make one wonder if we are in a third-world country somewhere.

This is about politics, certainly, but more about our politicians of BOTH parties and at the state and federal level. The bottom line is, when the people in office ran, they claimed they were personally the best manager of the citizens’ money and in maintaining the citizens’ infrastructure. So we hired them, through the election process and they moved themselves into the chairs of power and then, well, pretty much did nothing. They proceeded to fail in the job they said they not only could do but excel in.

Take a drive anywhere in this area. As you bounce from seat to headliner, can you feel the excellence of their work? What I felt and is their inability to do the job that they claimed to be able to excel at.

I think it is time to make a bit of noise. Call these lazy bums that are posing as our managers of our government. Let them know what you think. If you need some incentive to dialing that phone — okay, no one dials anymore, but you get the point — call your favorite auto repair and ask them for some price quotes, such as on springs, shock absorbers, tires, wheels and so on.

Do not write politicians unless it is online. So many nut cases sending bad stuff means your letter will be sent somewhere to be “analyzed” for danger.

But speaking of danger, let your politician know the danger they face of being fired at the next election. If you think your local person is doing a good job, just go for a ride and then see if you are not reaching for that phone. I am. Aren’t you?