Woman wrong to confront officer


Recently, one of the four officers involved in the death of George Floyd Jr. was grocery shopping at Cub Foods in a suburb of Minneapolis when he was asked by a woman if he was indeed one of the officers involved. The officer admitted he was J. Alexander Kueng. The woman then started to berate the officer, calling him a murderer and telling him he had no right to be there as he should be in jail. She then started yelling to other customers that a murderer was amongst them and he should not be there. Officer Kueng responded by saying quietly he understood why the woman felt that way.

Quite honestly, if I had been there, within the blink of an eye I would have been verbally defending the officer for the following reasons: The officer has the same rights as granted any other citizen and is innocent until proven guilty. The officer has posted bond and has the right to shop in any store he pleases. The officer also has the right to be free from harassment as any other citizen.

To say that the woman’s actions were reprehensible would be an understatement.

What happened to George Floyd Jr. was indeed a crime that should not go unpunished. However, after seeing and listening to Officer Kueng, it was obvious he is among those most disheartened for what happened.

Without speaking words, his facial expression spoke for itself. That expression: “I’m sorry.”

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain


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