Too much speed on Park Avenue


There is a growing concern about the traffic on Park Avenue in Iron Mountain.

This street is used as a bypass for the downtown by drivers who want to “make up time” by avoiding the traffic lights on Stephenson Avenue.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a marked increase in pedestrian traffic on Park. More dog walkers, families with children and strollers, couples, joggers and bicyclists are using Park Avenue. Most drivers are considerate of the increased “people presence” but a certain percentage are not. Those drivers speed from stop sign to stop sign and floor the gas pedal to “take a run at” the hill before B Street. There are also many distracted drivers using cell phones who do not slow down passing pedestrians.

The city traffic engineer should monitor this increased traffic and make some informed decisions on how safety concerns on Park Avenue can be addressed, before a tragedy brings this situation to everyone’s attention.

Karen Trester

Iron Mountain


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