Environmentally foolish


“Ignorance is bliss.” “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” “Out of sight –out of mind.” Think about these cliches, as they are the threshold of carelessness and apathy. If you believe these statements are comforting and meaningful, you may be entering the realm of a fool.

We all believe that the environment is critical. We want to preserve the planet. We believe “climate change” or “global warming” is such an important issue that we vote for the liars who say they care the most about it. So, since we’re talking in cliches, how about: “Put this in your pipe and smoke it”? We created regulations for industries in our country that work toward zero CO2 emissions. We have the technology and the will to make it happen, and we do it without unnecessary regulations. Tearing down buildings so we can make them more energy efficient will take more fuel than it will save, “a fool’s errand,” as they say.

The USA handles pollution control far better than China and all the “third world” countries combined. When we set the stage so manufacturing moves to China to escape regulations, we set ourselves up for global destruction. If we don’t manufacture things here, someone else is going to do it without regulation. What does it matter if the pollution is entering the atmosphere here or in China? Volume. We are far better off to do it here where we can control emissions. We only have one planet Earth, and we should all know by now that the Chinese Communist Regime cannot be trusted … Paris Accord or not. Don’t vote for bliss, vote for Republicans and Donald Trump.

Brian Rose

Crystal Falls


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