Lesser regard for the truth


I appreciated your Oct. 17 article by Suzanne Killian. As was she, I was raised in a home where honesty, integrity and decency ruled. Lying, bullying and stirring up anger were not tolerated.

The truth was the truth. News was news and lies were lies. There was no entertainment “news” on television like FOX and CNN whose sole purpose is to prey on our basic fears to drive ratings. Both networks with primary goals of ratings and lesser regard to the truth. Both fanning the flames of division in our nation.

Before casting your ballot this election, consider turning off entertainment “news” programs and get updates on current events with PBS NewsHour on Public Television, which airs nightly. Want to learn about the character of the presidential candidates? Look at the Frontline documentary “The Choice 2020.” For an alarming look at the fragility of our democracy, see Rick Steves’ “The Story of Fascism in Europe.”

The current divisiveness in our country is something I have never before witnessed. We are daily bombarded by insults from the president of the United States against anyone who does not agree with him. Including insults against the CIA, the FBI, the WHO, a decorated war hero and man of character Sen. John McCain, and now insults and slanderous comments whirled at the nation’s most respected epidemiologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

This election is pivotal. Let’s vote for decency. Let’s vote to save our democracy.

We each have one vote. Let’s use it wisely.

Rona (Olson) Lukazewski

Fitchburg, Wis.

1977 graduate

Florence High School


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