Peters will fight for working families

Here in Iron Mountain, we have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. People have lost income or even a loved one because of this disease or the threat of it. Most have had to cancel or postpone at least some of their planned activities. The pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon, which is why it concerns me that Republicans in Washington spent their time holding hearings to approve a Supreme Court nominee instead of providing COVID relief to the millions of American families that so desperately need it.

Our U.S. Senator Gary Peters has been at the forefront of fighting for COVID relief. Gary has secured funding for Michigan hospitals and supported the Paycheck Protection Program to help Michigan’s small businesses. Gary has been very critical of Republicans pushing through a Supreme Court nominee while the election has begun instead of helping working-class families.

Gary Peters will fight for working families. He will fight for clean water and environmental protections, starting with the Great Lakes. We need to re-elect Gary Peters to the U.S. Senate so he can continue to fight for everyday Americans.

Diane Mohr

Iron Mountain


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