Some thoughts on election


Days away from the election, here are some thoughts.

Our American system of government is messy but has functioned pretty well through a lot of chaotic times since 1776. The flow of information on all the issues is voluminous, fast-paced and often contradictory. Do your best to search out the truth from competing sources of information. Lubricate the linkages to your “B.S. Bell.” Pray about it. Cast your ballot. I saw a good essay about “How Would Jesus Vote?” The author did not provide an answer to his question.

My own perspective is slightly to the right of Genghis Kahn. Some examples:

1. The millions of innocent lives taken by abortion should be heavy on our conscience;

2. The “Swamp” and “The Deep State” are real dangers to us as free citizens;

3. The checkbook should be taken away from whoever sent out federal funds last spring to me (I didn’t need it or ask for it, but I kept it), to the Havard University endowment fund, to many dead people and now to imprisoned felons. Surely this emergency stimulus to the economy could have been done with more thought, care and stewardship;

4. The FBI, CIA and other security services are in need of a major keelhauling for their part in the attempted coup against the current administration.

This, too, shall pass.

William Hasse

Iron Mountain


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