Trump vote ‘a rare opportunity’


Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer — and many Republicans, too — have one huge thing in common; they’ve done very well off the corruption in Washington, D.C. Actually, two things — they’ve never run a business or risked everything to provide livings for themselves and others. Quite the opposite — their salaries are provided by us. Biden lives like a multi-millionaire, with several really nice homes. On a government salary? Is this really what we want more of? Aren’t you tired of being used? Of being led around like a dog on a leash while the Bidens of this country snicker to themselves?

Like him or not, businessman Trump went to D.C. and rocked their boat as it has never been rocked before. He didn’t play their game. The vitriol and vehement disdain he has received as a result speaks for itself. Biden is a front man — a figurehead — for the powerful forces that have lost so much already and who shudder to contemplate four more years of Trump poking holes in their swamp.

It is the height of hypocritical irony that these are the people — the corrupt Biden and his ilk, who take your money to enrich their own lives — who are telling you who not to vote for! Don’t dare vote for Trump, they say. He’s failed here, he’s failed there, he’s this, he’s that. But behind it all — what they know but will never tell you — their real motivation is their fortunes. Don’t listen to them. Look past their audacious charade and their smokescreen of issues they know matter to you. Don’t be the fool they take you for. Don’t vote for them. Once again, we have a rare opportunity — not the usual choice between two politicians. I doubt we’ll have this chance again.

Stan Thomas

Iron River


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