Two different views on Trump and what’s at stake in election



We’ve recently been treated to fawning letters of praise for the current White House occupant. Pardon me if I don’t get it. This man has mocked and humiliated a disabled person, reportedly wanted disabled vets excluded from his parades because “nobody wants to see that.” He has mocked the grief of Gold Star families, referred to POWs and dead soldiers as “suckers’ and “losers.” (I prefer men who didn’t have bone spurs.) This person has cheated on each of his three wives, cheated his contractors and employees, and cheated on his taxes. (His companions say he even cheats at golf, for Pete’s sake.) While demanding total loyalty from those about him, he himself is loyal to no one. On the world stage, does he represent the best that America has to offer? I think not. His devotees refer often to his having “done so much for this country.” Like what? There is not an area of our lives that is better today because of him. Unless, of course, one was very wealthy to begin with. Neither we nor the world are in a better place today because of him. Except maybe Kim Jong Un. And, of course, Vladimir Putin.

Donald lives in a fantasy world in which he can achieve his ends by pretending it is so. Many have chosen to join him there. I have not. We have 4% of the world’s population and 20% of all the world’s COVID-19 deaths. But it’s okay, you see, because he “feels great,” and “it’s all going to go away”. How can I suspend my disbelief when we know that he has lied to us over 25,000 times in four years? How can I forget that he kowtows to foreign dictators? It was after a chat with Turkish dictator Erdogan — on his personal cellphone — that he suddenly withdrew our troops from Syria with no notice to our Kurdish allies, leaving them alone to be slaughtered. What country would ever come to our aid if they can’t trust us to keep our commitments? After being informed by our own as well as foreign intelligence sources that Putin was paying a bounty for American deaths in Afghanistan, Trump did nothing.

I want him out of office, along with all his enablers and sycophants. I have already voted and I encourage others also to make it emphatic. If at no other time in our lives, this year we must vote straight Democratic.

Lola Johnson



Now that ex-CIA director John Brennan’s handwritten notes to President Barack Obama have been released, proving that Hillary Clinton hatched the Russian hoax against Donald Trump in order to cover up her own crimes of using a personal server and destroying subpoenaed evidence (obstruction of justice), how many voters still think the Democratic Party is for the right thing? I’m praying that the scales will be lifted from your eyes and the truth will fill your minds and guide you.

Of course, syndicated media — “Deep State” propaganda — will spin it into a despicable crime perpetrated on Brennan, Obama, Clinton and, no less, Biden by the Republicans who will do anything to make Donald Trump the all-powerful dictator.

If you are a Democratic voter, not a politician, I pray you don’t get angry at me for telling you the truth; rather, direct your anger at the cause of all the disinformation that has confused you into thinking that Donald Trump is the enemy. The real enemies here are the people who want to turn this country into a socialist disaster and take away all your rights, brainwash your children and eliminate God from our society, along with the middle class. Biden also opposed busing for school desegregation.

Remember Darth Vader’s famous words, “You underestimate the power of the Dark Side.” Isn’t it funny how science fiction becomes reality over time? If you vote Democrat in this election, you are actually voting for the communist party in disguise. If they win, they will pound political correctness down your throat until you puke, then softly and politely say, ” If you don’t mind, could you please hand over your guns and Bible? … Thank you.” Kiss you on the cheek and stab you in the back.

Brian Rose

Crystal Falls


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