LaFave should apologize


Monday, state Rep. Beau Matthew LaFave posted on his Facebook page a meme that said as follows:

“If you are wearing a mask in your car, I’m going to assume it’s to control the urge to lick the windows.”

For those of you who do not know what it means to be a “window licker,” it is a derogatory term toward a mentally handicapped person. It originates from handicapped children on the bus who lick at the windows.

I am more than just a little appalled at this post — made worse by the person who posted it because of the office he holds. I have never been more disgusted for the innocent folks he has been elected to serve and for our community that tolerates or must put up with such indefensible behavior.

As a Northpointe board member and the guardian and sister of a developmentally disabled brother, I feel I must speak out against this and hereby denounce this man as our 108th state House Representative, and further demand a public apology and that his post be removed immediately.

Mari Negro


Menominee County Democrats


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