Markkanen, Bergman duped


With a court record of 1 win and 57 losses at worst or 1 win and 30-plus losses at best (appeals continue to occur), Donald Trump has stretched his claims of election fraud beyond credibility.

Unfortunately, those who represent northern Michigan and the Western U.P. — Jack Bergman and Greg Markkanen — refused to recognize the preponderance of evidence and court losses that have mounted since Nov. 3. They each revealed a critical flaw in human judgment by signing on to a nationwide demonstration of loyalty rather than choosing to level with their constituents that Trump lost.

Specifically, U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Watersmeet, signed on to a friend of the court brief in support of Texas’s federal lawsuit seeking to declare Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia in violation of the elector’s clause and to either nullify the vote of Michigan electors or force the state Legislature to select new Electors. Michigan House Rep. Greg Markkanen, R-Hancock, participated in filing a Motion for Leave to File Complaint-in-Intervention in support of Texas’s suit.

Whether it is one victory out of 58 appearances or one out of 30-plus, if you were to apply this rate of success to any factor of professional or adult life it would be declared a failure. Those who continue to advocate that this election was fraudulent are forfeiting their credibility.

In 40-plus days their claims have not materialized into any substantial confirmations fraud has occurred at a level capable of reversing a 306 to 232 electoral vote margin. Trump lost at the polls, throughout the bipartisan certification process and through the state and federal court systems. The culmination is the U.S. Supreme Court’s dismissal of Texas’s suit.

Donald Trump may not have anything to lose but don’t allow him to forfeit your credibility in the manner he has duped Markkanen and Bergman to do. For Republican values to succeed in the long run we will need to respond with honesty and integrity regardless of whose side the facts reinforce.

Eric Cadeau



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