Plot behind president-elect


Now that the election is past, it’s not hard to figure out why it went the way it has gone.

It appears that a member of the “Deep State” and coup trying to remove President Trump from office is now the president-elect. Mr. Joe Biden, former president Barack Obama, the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton (who put up $10,000) collaborated with Mr. Christopher Steele for the fake dossier, all the while Mr. Steele was being paid undercover for the FBI.

President Donald Trump for four years has had this pack of pit bulls on his case as if he were a mailman. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, the Department of Justice, the FBI and the State Department are all working together, in secret, on a project called Crossfire Hurricane to take down the president. There are a number of corrupt members of these organizations as well as in the House and Senate that are on the far left, and they are still there. The “Swamp” didn’t get fully drained.

All this and more information can be found in a book, “A Republic Under Assault,” written by Tom Fitton, who is the head of Judicial Watch, a conservative, non-partisan watchdog group from Washington, D.C.

Now the Democrats are whining because President Trump is not helping Mr. Biden with the transition. Why would he help? For four years they have attacked the president at every turn, walked all over our Constitution and defied the rule of law.

Vance Jones



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