Seek balanced sources for news


Not succumbing to the mainstream media’s barrage of descriptives such as “baseless,” “false,” “unfounded” and “unproven” when referencing election fraud allegations doesn’t mean a person has “forfeited his credibility” and most certainly isn’t “treasonous” as the two Dec. 22 letters stated in regards to U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman. If the two writers would expand their informational input beyond the likes of NPR, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, most major newspapers and magazines and the AP newsfeed, they could spare the public the embarrassment of being what they attribute to Rep. Bergman — “duped” and “a lackey.” To them and so many others blindly feeding on the very restricted diet offered by today’s media. I challenge you to seek out balanced inputs. While increasingly difficult to find, they are out there. One such source of information is The Epoch Times, founded by Chinese nationals who fled the growing persecution of that country to come to the United States. They speak with the authority given only to those who have experienced the repressing of views not sanctioned by the one party in power there. Alarmingly, that same scenario is repeating itself now in this country. The alliance between the major media sources with the Democratic Party has brought us to the brink of communism/socialism here. Individual liberty rests on the foundation of a fairly informed populace with all viewpoints presented for consideration without bias. Controlled information leads to a controlled population where elections become nothing more than perfunctory exercises. Only those office-seekers espousing the viewpoints sanctioned by the state/media complex will prevail, as candidates with opposing views are attacked, belittled, hounded and discredited. It has been coming for a long time. It took the cover of COVID-19 to facilitate unprecedented — and unconstitutional — alterations in the election process that I fear will now become institutionalized. Our only hope as a free people is for those who have, perhaps unwittingly, become victims of the controlled media to care enough to look elsewhere with an open mind.

Stan Thomas

Iron River

P.S. I wish I had space to address at length the much-ballyhooed point made by Biden supporters regarding the election fraud lawsuit dismissals. Perhaps another time. Suffice to say here that what very much looks, quacks and walks like a duck doesn’t make it a legal duck. Especially a duck that has to be found and presented so quickly.


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