Think about what happened in DC


Let me put up supposition. Let us say that within the last two weeks of my military service, I did an egregious act. Let’s say I burned down my barracks. I do know someone who did exactly that, so this is not too far fetched. In my supposed case, let’s add that someone dies as a result of my actions. Would the correct response have been, “Well, he is down to his last two weeks in service, so let’s just let his time run out and discharge him with all his benefits and with the ability to be able to reenlist and come back at a future time if he desires”? I know that would not be the response. I would have been brought up on charges according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice and when found guilty, sent for the appropriate punishment.

With this in mind, what should we do with the people who tried to take down our government and who at least vocally claimed they wanted to hang the vice president? Remember, they had “zip-ties” used for restraining people and they had guns and bombs. Think about it.

And remember the fish rots from the head. Once more, I ask you to think about it.

Donald A. Lison

Florence, Wis.


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